Safety Guard

The RK protection system complies with the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Using special Click & Safe connection elements, the safety guard elements are fixed quickly and securely to pillars made from BLOCAN® aluminium profiles which fulfil the legal requirements for safety devices.


  • Stable protection system with aluminium design
  • Minimal effort required in construction due to standard grid
  • Short assembly times with no mechanical work
  • Clamping profiles allow a wide variety of panel elements to be installed
  • Smooth, easy-clean outer surfaces, attractive design
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Complies with the new EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

The RK protection system has no set dimensions. The sizing of the individual elements and of the system as a whole is determined predominantly by the customer, as it is the customer who is aware of the distances from sources of danger in his structure. The standard DIN EN ISO 13857 can be used to define the safety distances required. The whole system is extraordinarily flexible and adaptable.

Catalogue Download

Safety Guard Catalogue - 5.87 MB, PDF