Multilift II – Lifting Column

Published on 25th October 2016

The new Multilift II with its uniquely flat design achieves lifting forces of up to 3000 N, making it ideal for synchronous moving applications in special-purpose machines and for the height adjustment of assembly workstations. The telescopic version of the Multilift – the Multilift II telescope – is RK Rose+Krieger’s response to greater demands from customers for two-legged bench systems. The new lifting column conforms to the ergonomics standard for workbenches (DIN EN 527-1:2011) and features an optimum height/stroke length ratio: With an installation dimension of 560 mm and a stroke length of 650 mm, the Multilift II telescope also handles compressive forces of up to 3,000 N.

Multilift II - Lifting Column Catalogue - 1.67 MB, PDF

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