About Us

In 1972 Harald Krieger developed the first element of the Tube Connection System, thereby laying the cornerstone for the company RK Rose+Krieger.

The range of products was expanded within a very short period of time – and not just with the development of new clamping elements, but by starting the production of linear adjustment units. In 1983 these two product groups added the first aluminium profile – the forerunner of the BLOCAN® Profile System.

Its innovative energy quickly helped the burgeoning company to reach a position of growing economic significance. Considerable investment costs, however, soon meant that a strong partner was needed – and was found in 1987 in the internationally active Phoenix Mecano Group.

With the support of this Swiss group of companies, RK Rose+Krieger began to expand worldwide.

Today, RK Rose+Krieger is a leader in designing assembly and positioning systems – an advantage that will continue in the future only by working closely with our customers.

Quality Management

The strategic goal for building our quality management system has been to optimise customer service and customer relations, as well as the improvement of our company’s performance as a whole.

ISO 90001:2015

Phoenix Mecano Ltd has been certified by BSI in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 within the scope of:

Supply of corporate firms range of standard and specific industrial enclosures, motorised systems and mechanical connection systems.

You can download our ISO certificate at phoenix-mecano.co.uk/quality


You can download our Declaration of Conformity for RoHS and REACH at phoenix-mecano.co.uk/quality